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Embrapa Soybean

Embrapa Soybean is one of 45 research units of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation - Embrapa. Its mission is “to provide feasible solutions for the sustainability of the soybean and sunflower productive chains, through research, development and innovation, for the benefit of Brazilian society”.
Its contributions to the Brazilian soybean agribusiness, places Embrapa Soybean as a world reference in the development of technologies for tropical areas. Its main contributions are: development of cultivars adapted to low latitudes; pest biological control, integrated pest management; soil management and conservation techniques; among others.

Embrapa Soybean is also in charge of the sunflower research program, nationally, and wheat research program, for the State of Paraná, carried out in partnership with Embrapa Wheat (Passo Fundo, RS) and the Agronomic Institute of Paraná (Londrina, PR).

Besides, Embrapa Soybean collaborates with other Embrapa Units, like Embrapa Maize  and Sorghum (Sete Lagoas, MG) and Embrapa Rice and Beans (Santo Antônio de Goiás, GO), carrying out research activities with maize and beans in the State of Paraná.


Embrapa Soybean's Institutional Video

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Embrapa Soja
Rod. Carlos João Strass - Distrito de Warta
Telefone (43) 3371 6000 - Fax (43) 3371 6100
Caixa Postal 231 - CEP 86001-970
Londrina- Paraná- Brasil